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Bronco - Seasonal Espresso Blend

Bronco - Seasonal Espresso Blend

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BRazil ON COlombia. Bronco. As the name suggests, it habitually bucks! A natural Brazil is hazelnuts and chocolate, sugar browning. Washed Colombia brings clarity and character.

If you love coffee but can't take caffeine, we also stock Decaf :)

A little about The Good Coffee Cartel-
A Glasgow based coffee company who focus on the GOOD in life! Their ethos runs deep and with every decision they make they consider the coffee, the people and the planet. Read more here.

200g - Steel Tin to reuse or recycle

Blend - 60% Olhos D’Agua, Brazil and 40% La Florida, Colombia.

Flavour Profile (espresso): Hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Flavour Profile (with dairy milk): Praline, Black Forest gateau, amaretti.

Flavour Profile (with oat m*lk): Battenberg, cacao nibs, nut butter.

Process: Natural & Washed


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